International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management
Volume 11, Issue 4, December 2020, PP 263-274

Realization of PLM application integration with AR technology

Jan Duda, Sylwester Oleszek


The Augmented Reality (AR) can be used to simulate and improve production processes in a virtual manufacturing system before their physical implementation. These techniques make it possible to connect the real world with the virtual one in real time and in a threedimensional environment. Their effective application to the implementation of the product development phases would significantly limit its subsequent reworking and modifications. The difficulty, however, is to design and integrate AR with virtual production systems. The paper presents a proposal for a technical procedure for the implementation of the integration of a commercial PLM and a proprietary AR system.


Key words: Augmented Reality; CAx; Product Lifecycle Management
Article history: Received (November 1, 2020); Revised (December 11, 2020); Accepted (December 14, 2020); Published online (December 22, 2020)
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